Get to Know ME
From Expat Dad
to Expert Coach

Moving to a new country with my family was an adventure that came with unexpected challenges. From isolation to cultural clashes, I faced many hurdles that strained my marriage and tested my resilience. Through these struggles, I discovered the importance of taking 100% responsibility for my life and found my calling in coaching other expat dads.

Like many of you, I embarked on the journey of expatriate life with hope and excitement. However, the reality of cultural differences, marital tension, and personal loss hit hard. It was through these tough times that I transformed my life and decided to dedicate myself to helping other expat dads do the same.

My story began with a move to Germany, where I faced significant challenges that tested my family's strength. From adapting to a new culture to coping with personal grief, these experiences shaped my approach to coaching and deepened my empathy for other expat dads.

Decades of Experience and Expertise

I’m someone who has reinvented himself many times, and had adventures of various kinds: from working with people with special needs in the former Soviet Union to coaching the CEO of a major cloud infrastructure provider, from planting 100,000 trees by hand in East Texas to co-founding three educational institutions, from teaching circus arts to translating esoteric Christian literature, from learning a handful of languages to creating Ruby on Rails web apps.

I've spent more than ten years coaching individuals from various backgrounds. My certifications from Robbins-Madanes and Eben Pagan’s Future Coach Training have provided me with a robust foundation to support expat dads in overcoming their unique challenges.